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A.V.Y.L.Y import & marketing Ltd was founded at 2005 as a subsidiary company of M.MARCOVICI AGENCIES Ltd, and it deals with import and marketing polyester resins, glass fibers, silicone rubbers and polyurethane rubbers.    
A.V.Y.L.Y import & marketing Ltd is growing quickly, and it is now the leading supplier of polyester resigns in Israel after only 3 years of activity.

The company specialized in fiberglass materials industry:
- A.V.Y.L.Y is the exclusive agent and marketing of the Turkish company ECE-BOYE who manufacturing polyester resins, gelcoat, peroxides, accelerators, pigment pastes and wood colors.
- A.V.Y.L.Y also marketing high quality mold release agents from speciality products company such as: Honey Wax and KantStic, granite granules for molded marble from SAFAS, glass fibers and more.

In addition, A.V.Y.L.Y is also marketing silicone and polyurethane rubbers for molds and other uses from the Italian company Global Chimica which specialized in manufacturing these materials since 1949. 

Our motto
A.V.Y.L.Y company motto is giving devoted service and personal consultation for each and every client, and with a unique commercial approach, abundant commercial experience, skilled employees and high motivation, the company managed to establish it self honorable space in the local market.

The company's founding Director Michael Marcovici was acting as the Honorary Treasurer of the Trade and Industry Chambers, Haifa and the Northern Region. Nowadays Mr. Marcovici is the Honorary Consul of Belgium, Haifa.
The company background, history, commercial contacts and financial position, are basing the position of the company as a leading company in its field.

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