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M. MARCOVICI AGENCIES Ltd was founded at 1986 by Michael Marcovici, who is now the company's general manager, and it deals with importing and exporting non-ferrous metals.        
M.MARCOVICI is the largest marketing company of Zinc and its alloy at the local market.

For the last 20 years, the company has been acting as the exclusive Israeli agent for UMICORE ZINC SA, BELGIUM, who was united with the company ZINIFEX, AUSTRALIA, at 2007, and became NYRSTAR SA/ NV. NYRSTAR specialized with manufacturing and marketing non-ferrous metals, and it is the world's largest manufacturer of zinc and it's alloy, and a very large manufacturer of lead.

M. MARCOVICI also represents NICKELMESH, a Swiss company who manufacture nickel sleeves, and international trade of sewage treatment for metals. Over the last 3 years, M.MARCOVICI is also deals with trade and marketing of different types of Aluminum alloys, by representing the company ALCASA.

M.MARCOVICI AGENCIES is holding two subsidiary companies who deal with other fields:
1. A.V.Y.L.Y import & marketing Ltd- deals with import and marketing polyester resins, glass fibers, silicone rubbers and polyurethane rubbers.
2. M.A.L.Y MARCOVICI import & marketing Ltd- marketing with centrifugal machinery, melting furnaces, materials for vibro-finishing of metal surface.

Our motto
M. MARCOVICI AGENCIES motto is giving devoted service and personal consultation for each and every client, and with a unique commercial approach, abundant commercial experience, skilled employees and high motivation, the company managed to establish it self honorable space in the local and international market, especially Europe and the fat east.

The company's versatile industrial, institutional and commercial activities have earned it the Approved Exporter Award by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade.
The company's founding Director Michael Marcovici was acting as the Honorary Treasurer of the Trade and Industry Chambers, Haifa and the Northern Region. Nowadays Mr. Marcovici is the Honorary Consul of Belgium, Haifa.
The company background, history, commercial contacts and financial position, are basing the position of the company as a leading company in the field of non-ferrous metals.
NICKELMESH Switzerland
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